Our Method

Scholastic Languages was established in 2004 by Carol Carty, Annette O’Carroll and Anne Gorby. It was set up because Annette wanted her daughter to attend the Gaeltacht that summer and her daughter did not want to be away from home for three weeks on end. As educators, we wanted to deliver regionally the best of what the Gaeltacht offers and yet allow students to go home in the evenings. We recognise that the experience is not the same as the 24 hours, seven days a week immersion which the Gaeltacht offers. However, we feel that we offer distinct advantages.

Our courses are much more competitively priced than the Gaeltacht.

The advantage of a Scholastic Languages course is that it is curriculum based. Therefore, for secondary school students especially, they are essentially being offered both an oral competency course and an exam revision course. Secondary school courses are exam focused with all elements of the Junior and Leaving Certificate exams catered for. Students also break into small groups for the final session of each day. They are placed in small classes with individual attention and practice and receive feedback for their oral exam from first years upwards.

For primary school students, fun is the key element of course! However, it is an advantageous summer course as it builds students’ Irish fluency and comprehension.

Our courses give real grá for the language.

There are fun, interactive classes in the morning based on their primary school curriculum. Students and parents report that the summer course has been of real benefit for school. The vast array of fun afternoon activities allows the students to live the language in a real and natural way – exactly how a language should be learned! They enjoy Home Economics classes, Sports, I.T., science experiments, arts and crafts, drama, singing and even mediation all through the medium of Irish.

We provide this great variety of afternoon activities through Irish to ensure there is something for everyone. As we are fortunate to have many of the same students back year after year, we ensure the activities are varied each year.