New Courses 2017

Mini Camp

The wait is over … Parents of Junior and Senior Infant students have been requesting a summer camp from us for years. This will be a fun and gentle introduction to Irish including art, drama, music, singing, cookery, sport, games and outings.

We invite your child to learn and enjoy Irish, kindle new friendships and most importantly have fun through a variety of imaginative, co-operative, sporting and expressive activities.

Bain taitneamh as gach duine!

Scholastics Cookery Academy

This is a fun, educational camp where kids learn essential cooking and baking skills with their peers. For health and safety purposes, all instructions will be given in Irish and English.

All tuition, ingredients, snacks, meals and drinks are included. Kids will eat a meal with their camp peers during camp and bring some of what they have made home for the family to try. Bring an apron and a food storage container to camp for the goodies to take home. Recipes are tailored to be age appropriate. Copies of all recipes used during the camp will be provided in Irish and English to encourage everyone to try them out at home.

Your child will learn a valuable, practical life skill that they can practice at home. They also benefit from the social interaction with their peers, learn to share, take turns and work in teams. In this cookery camp, kids are also developing (bi-lingual!) mathematical, comprehension and fine-motor skills without realising it. Counting and measuring ingredients, reading and interpreting recipes and teacher’s instructions require concentration. Tasks such as chopping, mixing, kneading, shaping, rolling and spooning help to develop fine-motor skills.

Add into it that that they are enjoying speaking and using Irish in a fun, practical way and you have the best summer camp available!